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Monument Valley Series of Quilts

This project actually started in June, 2003, after I watched a television program on landscape quilts.  A few days later, my husband and I were attending a wedding in the Monument Valley area of northeastern Arizona and I asked him to take some photos of some of the monoliths for me. Initially I thought I would make a couple of landscape quilts.  

 By May, 2009, I had decided to do all of Monument Valley.  During the summers of 2009 and 2010, I made three samples as I learned a new appliqué technique and played with color value.  I am keeping a journal of my progress.  I have been concerned that I have a definite technique mastered so the first quilts I do resemble the last quilts I make in this installation work.
The technique I am using involves patterns based on photographs.  My husband is my photographer.  Eight by ten inch photographs are broken down into units on a clear acrylic sheet.  The marked up clear acrylic sheet is then enlarged many times.  Three copies of the enlarged drawing are made.  One copy of the drawing is glued to poster board and cut up to make the pattern pieces.  Another copy of the drawing serves as a base upon which to position the cut out fabric.  The fabric is then fused onto an iron on, tear away stabilizer product.  The pieces are appliquéd together.  Then, the pieced top is quilted and bound.  It is a time consuming process but not particularly hard.


Monument Valley Landscape:  Left Mitten. 2011. 

Mini West Mitten


Margaret at work.

 Margaret Wood sketching a quilt pattern

"Rain God Mesa Quilt No. #1":

"Rain God Mesa Quilt No. #1"
“Monument Valley Landscape #2. 2011:

Southeast Corner of Rain God Mesa” is the first full sized quilt in this project.  All of the quilts will be 90” high with varying widths.  These two pieces were featured in the Riverside Metropolitan Museum in Riverside, California as part of the “American Indian Women Artists:  Beyond Craft” exhibit, April 7 to November 13, 2011. 

Monument Valley Landscape #2


"Monument Valley Landscape #3". 2014:

The next full sized quilt, Monument Valley #3,  has been accepted into the Phoenix Airport Museum,Phoenix, Arizona, “Lov’n Arizona” exhibit which will run from July 7, 2012 to February 2, 2013.

Monument Valley Series of Quilts Landscape #3

I have modified my original goal of doing all of Monument Valley in quilts. My new goal is to create six full sized quilts working my way around Rain God Mesa, a monolith located in the center of Monument Valley. After I finish these six, I will decide whether to end the project or forge on.


"Monument Valley Landscape #4. 2014"
Monument Valley Series of Quilts Landscape #3

"Monument Valley Landscape #5. 2015"

Monument Valley Series of Quilts Landscape #3

"Monument Valley Landscape #6."

The jumble of rocks on the right marks the northeast corner of Rain God Mesa.

Monument Valley Series of Quilts Landscape #3
"This a photo of the maquette which was created to help illustrate what the wall of quilts will look like".